Learn About Your Heart...
Made Simple

By Nicolas Shammas, MD

A new, comprehensive sourcebook for
heart and vascular disease patients
Cardiovascular Health, Your Heart, and You

The explosive knowledge about diseases of the heart has made it difficult for many patients to keep up with the rapidly changing field of medicine. There is a widespread need to educate the heart community and undo widespread misconceptions.

We hope to provide accurate information in an effort to aid your move towards more healtful living. We are directed towards improving the longevity of people by fighting our number one killer, heart disease.

Fighting heart and blood vessel diseases is not a one-time attempt but a continuous lifestyle change that will require discipline and a strong desire to change old habits and enhance one's quality of life.

Cardiovascular Health Topics

Statistics about Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases in the United States
Surgical Therapies for the Cardiovascular Patient
Strokes: How to Survive Them and How to Prevent Them
Children and Heart Disease
Heart Healthy Nutritional Tips
Medications for Cardiovascular Disorders
Heart Tests You Need to Know
Learn What to Do in a Medical Emergency
How to Choose Your Doctor and Hospital
Taking the Next Step — A Few Community Resources to Help You Live More Healthfully

Cardiology News:

Emergency bypass surgery on angioplasty patients drops 90%

Decline seen at Mayo Clinic even as physicians expanded angioplasty to sicker patients
When life-threatening problems occur during angioplasty procedures, doctors may perform emergency coronary artery bypass graft surgery, but data from the Mayo Clinic indicates that need to send patients to emergency surgery has dropped sharply

Heart Disease Patient Initiative

The Midwest Cardiology Research Foundation is launching an educational initiative to inform the general public about heart disease. This grassroots endeavor aims to increase patient awareness, alleviate patient anxiety, and assist physicians patient communication.
Your Complimentary Heart
Health Resource

HMP Communications is a major proponent of the Heart Disease Patient Initiative.

To learn more about Learn About Your Heart...Made Simple, including how to order you own copy, visit our book page.

Cardiology Book

Cardiovascular Disease

There is a lot you can do to prevent complications with your heart, but first you need to know the basics of cardiovascular disease. What is CHD? Are there different types of cholesterol? How does blood pressure factor into your heart's health? We've compiled this information and put it right at your fingertips!

All About Cardiovascular Disease

Nicolas Shammas, Author of
Learn About Your Heart...Made Simple
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There is a lot of information you need to know when properly managing your heart's health. Along with this website, we've brought you a valuable tool in understanding what you know and what you need to learn in regards to your health. By answering 30 questions from information taken directly from this website, you can more accurately determine what aspects of your health you need to learn more about.

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Statistics on Heart Disease

"Heart disease" is a nonspecific term that includes all problems that affect the blood vessels, the muscle, and the electrical system of the heart.

How prevelant is heart disease? How do those numbers translate according to gender? What risk factors play an important role in your health?

Read About Heart Disease & Risk Factors
Heart Health Forum

Do you still have questions regarding your heart health or a loved one's health? Our online wound community is a great resource for learning more about this topic.

Topics include nutrition tips, cardiovascular health, surgical options, a forum to post questions, and more.

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Over 50% of people who are diagnosed with high cholesterol still are not being appropriately treated
Michal Fishman, My Heart Health

What is an Exercise Stress Test?

An exercise stress test helps to determine if blockages exist in the arteries of the heart. A narrowing in those arteries can cause lack of blood supply to the heart, particularly when the heart is under stress. A stress test simulates physical stress and allows the physician to determine whether a narrowing exists in the coronary arteries.

Read more about stress tests

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