Learn About Your Heart...
Made Simple

By Nicolas Shammas, MD

A new, comprehensive sourcebook for
heart and vascular disease patients

Cardiovascular Health Topics

Statistics about Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases in the United States
Structure and Function of the Heart and Blood Vessels
Diseases of the Blood Vessels of the Heart
Surgical Therapies for the Cardiovascular Patient
Peripheral Vascular Disease
Diseases of the Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck
Strokes: How to Survive Them and How to Prevent Them
Valvular Heart Disease
Heart Rhythms: How to Recognize Them and Treat Them
Congestive Heart Failure
11. Understanding Cardiomyopathy, or Weak Heart Muscle
12. Children and Heart Disease
13. Diseases of the Pericardium
14. Systemic Illnesses, Infections and Drugs that Affect the Heart
15. Erectile Dysfunction: a Vascular Disease
16. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
17. Heart Healthy Nutritional Tips
18. Cardiac Rehabilitation
19. Medications for Cardiovascular Disorders
20. Heart Tests You Need to Know
21. Learn What to Do in a Medical Emergency
22. How to Choose Your Doctor and Hospital
23. Medical Research and How You Can Get Involved
24. Taking the Next Step — A Few Community Resources to Help You Live More Healthfully
25. How Much Did You Learn from This Book: Take a Simple Test

Heart Disease Patient Education Initiative

The Midwest Cardiology Research Foundation and HMP Communications are launching an educational initiative to inform the general public about heart disease. This grassroots endeavor aims to increase patient awareness of preventative measures, alleviate patient anxiety, and assist physicians with the allimportant task of communicating with patients.

The initiative strives to educate patients and lay caregivers through nationwide distribution of Learn About Your Heart...Made Simple, a comprehensive sourcebook for heart and vascular disease patients. Learn About Your Heart...Made Simple also focuses on lifestyle aspects such as prevention, post-procedure rehabilitation, and diet -- valuable information for both patients and family members.

For the initiative to succeed, healthcare professionals and hospitals across the United States need to purchase bulk copies of the book and distribute them to heart patients and their families. The first edition’s print run of 50,000 copies was depleted within 6 weeks due to heavy demand, precipitating a much more ambitious effort to expand its reach nationwide.

To support the initiative and ensure that each participant can help the greatest number of people, Learn About Your Heart...Made Simple has been priced affordably at $7.99, with a volume discount price of $6.00 for 100 copies or more. An investment of $600 allows healthcare professionals to reach 100 patients, as well as to play a significant role in an endeavor to improve the health and well-being of millions of patients.

Reports on the progress of the Heart Disease Patient Education Initiative will be published periodically in HMP Communications journals. Information will also be available online and at various trade shows in the cardiovascular community.

Download the Heart Disease Patient Education Initiative in PDF format

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